Who’s this punk with a blog?


My name’s Alanna Smith. I started writing YA novels when I was in seventh grade because a friend threatened me with death if I didn’t and she had sharp pokey fingers. I never stopped, and I’m beginning to explore dramatic writing and short fiction as well.

I got bitten with the book bug when my dad read me our shiny gold 50th Anniversary edition of The Hobbit. Since then I’ve been a voracious (see: obsessive) reader. I love weird, potentially unstable characters and I love it even more when they talk to people. I also love dramatic twists and fantastical situations.

I worked as a creative writing teaching assistant for a while and–though I don’t see myself going down a teaching path–I still love helping people with their writing and sharing what I’ve learned from years of screwing up and figuring out how to do things better.

I graduated from college in May and my job right now is hunting wild jobs and writing. A lot. I figured nothing would help me organize my feelings on writing in this major transitional period than writing them down, and why not share them with people while I’m at it?

Many of my ideas revolve around character development, so I’ll probably start with that (I love me some awesome characters). Stick around if you want! You might learn something!



About alannawrites

I write everything: plays, novels, short stories, comics and screenplays. I have an unhealthy obsession with metatext and a soft spot for Shakespearean fools in pointy hats. I'm blogging about writing as I learn about it myself.

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